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August 3, 2011


It is National Watermelon Day which is a favorite holiday for the Solstice gang.  Of course FiFi has become the all time Watermelon eating champ and she claims her piece and makes sure no one gets in her way she has her piece and she will steal any melon that is left unattended.  She has learned to recognize a watermelon and at the 1st sight of one she starts to bark and dance around.

We haven’t had much to write about lately, nothing really going on other than the normal day-to-day life at home, dogs hanging out in the pool, eating watermelon and plotting a raid on the garden. 

I am getting ready to leave for Dixon, CA for the fabulous Richmond Dog Fanciers Show.  It will be fun, with an almost 1800 dog entry it is always exciting to see a lot of dogs I normally don’t get to see in person.  I am especially looking forward to this year as I am on the judging panel, I am doing the herding puppy group!  How much fun is that going to be.   I love our show and am proud to be part of the team that puts on the event.  This will be my 5th year.

On the puppy front, Puppies are expected at Arylan in a couple of months.  So if you are looking for a Cardi puppy check out for details.  The next litter at Solstice won’t be for another 9 or 10 months.





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