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What? No Dogs!

August 15, 2011

Tomorrow I am going on a no agenda vacation without dogs and without a dog event. I can’t even remember the last time that happened. I’ll probably be asking random people to pet their dogs.

I’ll be in the cooler climate of Northern New Mexico. I’ll get to visit with my cousin Bonnie and her little boys Joe and Will. Other than a couple days of family visiting the only other agenda item on the week long trip will be to attend the 3rd Annual Taos Mountain Music Festival on Sunday Oh and sleeping in past 6:30am every day!

Thank goodness Auntie Cody along with Charlie and Bonnie, is coming over to stay with the Solstice gang. I got them 2 watermelons to tide them over until I get home.

I’m sure I will be sharing my non doggy trip on my doggy blog. I hope the Cardis aren’t accessing my blog so they won’t know I am having fun without them.

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