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Wowzer what a weekend!

October 11, 2011

What a fabulous weekend the Solstice gang had at the Chili Bowl Cluster in Alamogordo, NM. The cardi girls Frost, Bailey, Banner and baby Fifi were entered along with little Sienna. And we had the best time! On friday Frost started us out by going BOB from the classes for 1 point, on saturday Bailey did the same, BOB from the classes for 1 point. On sunday, there were major points available and Frost repeated here BOB win for her 1st 3 point major and on monday not wanting to be left out of the party pretty Banner followed the older girls lead and was BOB for her 1st major. A pretty wow weekend! Of course we wouldn’t have had the chance if the SW folks hadn’t worked hard to get those majors build, this time my girls were the winners, next time it could go to one of the other outstanding dogs in our area.


In addition to the Cardi Party Sienna had her best showing to date with 2 major reserves this weekend, her time is coming we are almost there in the grooming department.

Team CCB was also in attendance, as always Cody is a huge help with the dogs and in fact she was showing Banner in the winners class when she was awarded WB. Of course aside from being a great friend/helper Cody and Bonnie got their 1st BN leg at the Obedience trial.


The 1st two days weather wasn’t the greatest so when we weren’t showing/stewarding we hung out at the RV the dogs were pooped as were the people.



As with the beautiful sunsets, the weekend closed and we came home. We are now packing up for a trip up I-25 tomorrow to Los Lunas for the next set of shows. Majors all weekend so we will see what happens.


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