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An October to remember

October 23, 2011

My last update was about our wonderful showing at the Chili Bowl Cluster in Alamogordo, NM. Guess what there is more good news to report. The NM Cardigan gang built majors all 4 days in Los Lunas and my girls won 3 of the 4! On Friday Banner was WB/BOS for her 2nd major. When the judge handed me the BOS ribbon she told me “She is really my best of breed, but I wanted to give the worthy WD they points so I put him BW”. (There was only one special so if she had put Banner BOB, she would have been BW too and not points would have been available for the WD). The next day we had a judge from “down under” and she gave me a critique of my dogs as I put them on the table. She loved Frost, her lovely movement won her over and she gave Frost BOB over 2 specials which bumped it up to a 4 pt major. On the final day Banner once again went WB/BW/BOS for her 3rd major. I was really fine with the WB and would have loved for the dog to cross over for the points but the judges are going to do what the judges are going to do.

To add some icing to an already tasty cake, Cody and Bonnie completed their Beginner Novice obedience title. Bonnie as well as Charlie make up what we call team CCB (Cody, Charlie, Bonnie), Charlie and Bonnie are PJ x Lindy kids.

So the final tally for the New Mexico circuit is:

Frost, Rockie Top Flying Snow, RN BOB over specials 3 times, 8 pts 2 majors
Banner, Arylan Flying the Colors at Solstice, BOB over specials 1 time, 10 pts 3 majors
Bailey, Solstice Flying Circus, BOB over specials once for her last single points.
Bonnie, Arylan Flight from Justice, RN and new BN title.

Frost and Banner now just need 3/4 singles for their championship and Bailey needs her majors. Of course the baby FiFi needs to grow up and look more like a Cardigan and less like an otter.

If our dogshow success were not exciting enough, I started my new position the next day (Monday) I have been in the same position for almost 24 years and it is exciting to be moving to a new department. The 1st week was long and exciting!

Then just to add some additional good news I have completed to the requirements to be designated an AKC Breeder of Merit I’m happy to have the designation to show to the general public that I am one of the good guys!

There is still a little over a week left of October so we will see what else happens but it has been a heck of a month!

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