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Puppy Planning

January 26, 2012
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Hopefully in late spring young Rider, Arylan Custom Goldwing, will be a daddy dog.

Arylan Custom Goldwing “Rider

Kennel Arylan will be expecting puppies later in the spring.  Both Chickie, Eklectic Arylan Chiquita Banana, and Lodi, Arlyan The Mother Lode are being bred to Rider.  These are both Tri to Tri breedings so only Tri colored Cardi puppies are expected.   Chickie is Banner’s momma and Lodi is Banner’s sister so I’m excited to see these babies!  If you are interested in puppies later this spring check out Arylan’s website for more details.

Part of my excitement is that later this year I’m planning to have a Rider daddy litter here at Solstice too.  I’m hoping things fall into place and Frosty, Rockie Top’s Flying Snow, RN will be bred to Rider as well.

Frost, Rockie Top’s Flying Snow, RN

Both Frost and Rider are just a few single points away from their AKC championship and I’m hopeful that they will both be Champions by the time the breeding takes place.  Super excited as both Frost and Rider and beautiful examples of the Cardigan and exemplary canine companions.



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