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Puppy buying 101

May 10, 2012


Four coins in the fountain?

Recently I’ve gotten quite a bit of traffic on my blog site and contacts for people looking for Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppies, partly because my blog comes up when you do a web search and partly because Harry has puppies.

With the advent of social media, blogs, websites etc. searching for a puppy has changed.  In the old days (which are not that long ago) you might go to a dog show and meet breeders or be referred by someone who knew someone, write them a letter or call them on the phone.  People talked and planned on a personal level, now not so much.  It is emails and blog comments, there is less personal conversation.

Baby Charlie, Solstice Flying Ace, RE, CD, CGC

Of course breeders now use Facebook and websites and blog sites to inform potential puppy buyers about upcoming litters and breeding plans so there is a lot more information available for public view.   Which often times leads to a lack of communication instead of more.

I often get emails that say something like “I’m interested in your puppies, how much are they and when can I get one”.  Not really an email that I’m going to take seriously.  Which is too bad because the email might have led to a great home.

So here is the 411 on contacting and interacting with a breeder:

1st of all do your homework, and be aware that responsible breeders will be asking you as many questions as you are asking them.  We want to make sure our puppies are going to the best homes.  On the right handside of this page you will find a link to “Tips on finding a responsible breeder”  you can use this as you do your “homework”.

Look at websites and read about different breeders and their policies and philosophies. Remember that you and the breeder are tied together for the life of the dog.  Make sure both of your expectations are the same or at least something you can live with.   Different breeders have different ideas about placing puppies.  Don’t fall in love with a puppy until you know you and the breeder are on the same page.  My kennel policies are located again on the right hand side of this page.

Open up a dialog  with a breeder, with Cardigans we are a somewhat rare breed and you will most likely need to get on a waiting list for the right puppy.  For example I may breed just once a year while Harry’s  lifestyle allows him to breed more frequently.   Most breeders will refer you to other reputable breeders if they are not planning on puppies.

Once you open that dialog ask questions and discuss your needs.  Be honest, breeders want to make sure you get the best puppy to fit your lifestyle.  Also be honest about other breeders you are talking to, we understand that people are often on multiple breeders puppy lists.  Responsible breeders don’t always have supply of puppies and there may not be a puppy of the sex/color/temperment that matches your needs.  I will say again, be honest,  we won’t think less of you but let us know if you are going with another breeder so that we are not holding a puppy for you.

Once you start a relationship with a breeder you should expect updates and photos of the litter and then once the puppy goes home the breeder will expect updates and photos back.   I know several of my puppies have their own blogs which is fun for me.  We like to know what is going on with the babies and we like to know how they are growning up.

I hope this has helped you with your search, if you are thinking about a puppy from me later in 2012 I look forward to starting that dialog, you can begin by filling out my questionaire and letting me know something about the who, what, where of it all.  If you need a referral I’m always happy to talk about Cardigans and point you in the right directions.

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