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Lindy’s Tri kids

May 31, 2012

Baby Charlie

I thought these photos were a great representation of Solstice Cardigans and they just happen to be of Lindy’s Tri Kids.   How wonderful to have such handsome, smart and willing workers who are wonderful companions.  Pictured are:

Solstice Flying Ace, CD, RE, CGC aka Charlie who is a Lindy x PJ kid.  Charlie is proving to be a great working dog he has completed his CD & RE in a year’s time and needs 2 legs to finish his RAE and is currently training for his CDX and Agility.  Charlie’s person is Cody and they live in El Paso.

Solstice Manhattan Project aka Einie who is a Lindy x Oz kid.  Einie is the beloved of Tara and Tim of Houston, TX, she is reportedly delights them daily and seems to need her people as a pillow.  Einie reminds me so much of her Momma.

Arylan Custom Goldwing aka Rider who is also a Lindy x Oz kid.  How handsome is he!  Rider was Harry’s stud fee puppy and carries the Arylan kennel name as Harry is the co-breeder on the litter and is the breeder/owner of Daddy dog Oz and the Lindy’s breeder.    Rider needs a single point to finish his Championship and was awarded 2nd place in his class at the 2012 CWCCA Nationals.  Rider lives with Harry in Albuquerque, NM.  Rider is also scheduled to be the Daddy Dog for Frosty’s upcoming litter in the fall of 2012.

I am so proud of these kids and their people, nothing makes a breeder happier!

Solstice Flying Ace, CD, RE, CGC


Arylan Custom Goldwing


Solstice Manhattan Project



Einie seems to always use her people as pillows

Charlie and Cody


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