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February 7, 2013

A Smart Update…… Of course Charlie got invited too, I knew he would with his great Rally performances but it was fun to lord it over Cody for 24 hours that Fifi got invited 1st.

See Charlie isn’t the only Smart Solstice dog……

Jinnie L Strickland
Solstice Fly Girl RN
Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Congratulations, your dog has met the eligibility requirements to enter the inaugural AKC Rally® National Competition, which is part of the AKC “Companion Events Extravaganza” being held in Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 15-17, 2013! The rally entries are limited, but there is still space and time available to enter. To download the premium list and submit your entry today, please go to the AKC website at:

Entries close next week, Friday, February 15th at 4p.m. EST, so hurry before time runs out!

The AKC Rally National Competition will be held on Friday, March 15, 2013. During the Extravaganza, AKC® will celebrate the top dogs in AKC Companion Events in this multi-day event that will feature Championship events for Obedience and Agility along with the new National Competition for AKC Rally®. Enter today and participate in this inaugural event with your best friend.



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