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BB weekend adventure.

February 24, 2013

By this time next week our favorite puppy BB will be with his new family in the Houston area. He will be joining his Auntie Einie (Solstice Manhattan Project) as a member of Tim and Tara’s pack. He will be officially known as Solstice Mayan Paradox or Beta to his friends and family.

We have a long car ride next weekend so Auntie Cody and I took him up to Tularosa, NM for the White Sands Agility club trials. He thought it was pretty neat! He met a gang of 4 month old Border Collie puppies and held his own until they started to gang up on the little dude so I saved him before they scared him. Then he met an Pembroke named Jack, a big Border collie,  a Papillon, some Whippets and his favorite a giant Rottie names Jimmy (a nice boy who let him climb on his head) and a whole bunch of people who made much of him.



On the way home we stopped at White Sands National Monument ( for a little bit of run time and of course some photo ops. He had a great time and when he ran into the breeze his ears were up and he looked like a Cardigan!


Captain Cute!  Just needs a cape…….


He has been an excellent puppy, happy cooperative and just an all around jolly boy. I can’t wait to introduce him to Tara and Tim next weekend. Poor Einie doesn’t know what she is in for………… But we are going to miss him, especially his Mommy Frost, Granny Lindy and Auntie Bailey (Sienna not so much).

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