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Weekend update

June 17, 2013


We did have some fun this weekend! We also found our silverware so now we don’t have to eat with plastic forks and spoons. Many boxes were unpacked and things are starting to get together. We even had our 1st Watermelon Sunday in Georgia.


Wicca really thought she should come in and help unpack. I am quite sure she would have been so very helpful but I declined her assistance.

Dog world is starting to take shape. 1/2 of the basement is finished (with A/C and heat) and the other 1/2 is set up for storage. Lots and Lots of stuff in the storage area but it is getting better everyday. I know I need a crate intervention. I have about 3-4 crates per dog (or that is what I am admitting to having,) some people have shoes, I have crates. This is a walk out basement so the dogs have access to the yard from the basement. In addition to AC, they have cable TV, a bed and a fridge and microwave. Actually some of that is for the people in case we have to go down for storm purposes.


On Friday we went to the Lilburn Farmer’s market. They have it every Friday evening. I got some herbs to plant and we got some yummy fresh produce.


We also had some porch time, dogs worked hard chasing birds and squirrels in our “forest” so they needed some porch time.



Frost, Queen of the Stump!


Dogs are happy to still have a fig tree, they are picking them green.  They want to make sure they beat the birds.  This one has a lot of low hanging branches, perfect for Cardigan harvesting.  Wicca can reach a bit higher.

And finally, news from Arylan, Rider  – Ch Arylan Custom Goldwing (Oz x Lindy) is a poppa.  I’m not sure of the momm’a pedigree but looking forward to seeing them grow up.  Grandpuppies 🙂

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