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Creative people

September 23, 2013

I don’t think of myself as creative, I can clever but no really creative. I really admire those who are creative. I think that is why I like reality shows like Project Runway and Top Chef, they have to create something organically in a brief period of time. I like watching it develop.


I have a very creative friend who is making custom dog show equipment and I’m excited to watch what is being created by Kathy and Larry Davis of Dwysan Designs. Kathy, a successful ownerhandler, knows what works and what doesn’t for real dog show people and her husband Larry is a wizard with tools and the design work. Their custom graphics and very cool designs can been added to any of their custom build folding stacking boxes or grooming table and Toppers along with vehicle decals, spray bottles and anything you can think to put a graphic on (my cell phone has one). They also have added agility equipment and training ramps to their design catalog.


This is like where’s waldo, there are six Dwysan Designs in this photo


So if you need cool custom stuff check out their Facebook page Dwysan Designs, check it out even if you don’t need anything the stuff is too cool not to admire.



Isn’t PJ handsome standing on our Solstice Folding stacking box by Dywsan Designs.


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