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2013 in Review

November 29, 2013

After Thanksgiving I like to look back on our dog year and reflect on the fun and success I have had with my gang.  This year is no different on reflecting but it is certainly a different view.  By this time of year we are generally looking forward to the long dark winter of no dog events but not this year!  Now that we live in Georgia a whole new world has opened up for us.  But before I move forward I want to reflect on our doggy year.  It has been a good one. 

In 2013 we had lots of changes but lots of FUN!  We started the year at home raising Baby BB and getting him ready to go to his new family. 



 I got to go the NYC to attend the superbowl of dog shows with my best friend, Leslie, what a special whirlwind trip.




Cody and Charlie finished their RAE title with style, making Charlie Solstice Flying ACE, CD, RAE, CGC.  Now they are working towards their Open title.


We also had a fun trip to the CWCCA Nationals, we came home with no ribbons but lots of fun.

The 1st quarter of 2013 was pretty exciting.  But life just got more exciting when my job transferred me to Atlanta, GA.    We packed up the gang and moved at the end of May. 

Lots of plus in the move, a big plus was the proximity to my friends and the explosions of dog event opportunities!

In July, Bailey finished her Championship (again, after one of the majors broke when she had finished 18 months before) under Judge Nancy Simmons. 

Ch Bailey

We attended several more shows and Frosty picked up the points she needed to complete her Grand Championship.

Grand Frost

Both Bailey and Frost picked up several Best of Breeds over the late summer and early fall.  Bailey was in the top 25 for the Owner Handler series and needs a few single points for to complete her Grand Championship. 

We convinced Cody that she needed to move to Georgia too and she, Charlie and Bonnie made the move in July. 

Cody and I both joined the Atlanta Obedience club which is conveniently located 4 minutes from my house.  They have lots of classes and Frost and I have been going to the beginning Agility classes and Cody and Charlie have 2 legs on their Graduate Novice title.  Bailey is working on her Rally Novice.

There was a plan to breed Banner to the handsome Rush but life just wasn’t in the right place to properly raise a litter of puppies so I postponed that breeding until the spring, but it is still in the works.

So we have just a month left of 2013 and we have one more big event to attend.  We are headed to Orlando, Florida for the Eukanuba AKC National Championship.  Leslie and I along with our new Champions Bailey and Dori are entered in Best of Breed representing both the Wag (Cardigan) and the Wiggle (Pembroke) Welsh Corgis.  Additionally I am working the Cardigan Meet the Breed the booth and I’m excited to introduce our great breed to the public.

What does 2014 hold for the Solstice gang?  We shall see but we are planning a litter of puppies, Agility trials, Rally trails, Grand Champion points for Bailey and PJ and lots of fun with my friends.  I can’t wait to find out!



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