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Happy New Year! Or what are we going to do in 2014

December 30, 2013

new year


We had a busy and exciting 2013 and we reflected on the past year and our accomplishments it is now time for the dreaded GOAL setting for the new year.  Now that we live in North Georgia we have the opportunity for some different goals.

In the breed ring – PJ and Bailey need some single points to finish off their Grand Championships and I’m going to enter Bailey some in the Owner Handler competition shows for fun and games.  Frost maybe be out and about with my young friend Debbie, she just discovered dog shows and we thought these two pretty girls could have some fun in the Jrs. Ring.

In other rings – Frost will continue her Agility training in hopes of trailing later in the year.  I’m hoping for the Nationals but I’m not sure we will be ready by then.  Bailey is starting in Rally and I might try some beginning obedience work with both PJ and Frost.  The other thing I’d like to try with Frost is Tracking.   We also want to try  Barnhunting  The squirrel girls Bailey and Sienna might get a kick out of it and unlike some other things it is a traditional farm job that a Cardigan (and a Brussels Griffon) should be good at doing.    There are other events in the area, lure coursing, dock diving, Treibball and I’m sure lots of other doggy activities we might want to check out sometime.  I got a GoPro sports camera for Christmas and I think we might have to try some of these things and put them on Cardi Cam.

In the whelping box – I still have plans to breed Banner to Rush for some pretty black and white puppies and I’m leaning very hard towards a pretty brindle dog for a second Frost litter.  More to come on the timing of those and the stud dog choice for Frost.

The Club scene – Ha! to most of the world that means drinking and dancing but to us dog folks it is dog clubs; these probably have more drama than nightclubs!  As always I have plans to fly out to NorCal for my wonderful Richmond Dog Fanciers show the 1st weekend in August, it is always such a treat to work with this fun club.  I’m a new member of the Atlanta Obedience Club and am working with that group on their events plus taking classes there.  I hope that in 2014 I can complete the membership requirements to join the Lawrenceville Kennel club and work with that all-breed club on their events and goals.  Currently I am serving on the Board of Directors of the CWCCA but if I continue it will be at the pleasure of the CWCCA membership during this election year.  Either way as a BOD member or a club member I will continue to work for my National breed club.

Personally I will be working in a new department, doing the same job just under a different name.  I will still be exploring and learning all about the Atlanta area and the Southeast both doggy and non doggy things.

So there, I wrote some goals down.  Not hard and fast goals but at least an idea about what the plan is for the upcoming year.

I hope everyone has some fun goals set for themselves along with all the “good for you” goals.

Solstice is wishing you the very best in the New Year!



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