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A 2013 Thank you note

December 31, 2013



thank you

2013 Thank you Note:


A crazy year deserves a lot of thanks. 

First of all to my Family

To my Mom, Ginger Strickland who was willing to give up a lifetime in EL Paso to make the move with me to Atlanta and to my brother Randy whose wise of counsel “Get the F*#& out” made the decision easier.

To my Friends:

Thank you Cody Smith, Susan Nowak, Larry and Debbie Stoner  and Janne Radcliff, you all don’t know how much you did to help to help me and it isn’t forgotten.

Leslie Reed and Bob Reed it goes without saying but I’m saying it, THANK YOU!

Barb, Jim, Mark and Debbie Lowder for all your past, present and future support.

Kathy Davis thanks for your handholding.

Cody Smith again, who moved too and is still part of our Atlanta team.

And to all my beloved friends thanks for being there when I needed you or just as a cheerleader!

To my State Farm Family:

To my El Paso team -Thanks for your support, assistance and good wishes and goodbyes.

To my Atlanta team – Thanks for the welcome and inclusion.

And finally, to my new friends thanks for the welcome and I am looking forward to our adventures together.

Of course I can’t forget my furkids as without them there would be a lot less joy in my life.


 All the best for 2014! (Don’t forget to eat your blackeyed peas for good luck)


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