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I smell a Rat….. make that an RATI

January 27, 2014


Look at that face!  Bailey Bug was all over those rascally rats this past Saturday as we participated in our 1st ever Barn Hunt trial.  We had a very fun good time,  Bailey successfully passed her instinct test to achieve her RATI title and she placed 3rd over all in both Novice trials giving her 2 of the 3 legs she needs for her RATN title.  Bailey’s best buddy, Sienna our Brussels Griffon also earned one leg for her RATN.  Little Sienna had a bit of a hard time with finding her 2nd rat, it was hidden above her head and she just missed it but she was working for it and she will get it next time!   I thought the dogs had a great time.  It made sense to the them as to what we wanted them to do and Bailey was very workman like in her efforts to find the rat.  The biggest issue is staying out of her way.

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