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Weekend at the dog show

August 26, 2014

Really, it is so odd to me to roll out of bed, give my dog a groom, jump in the car and run over to the dog show just prior to my ring time, show, hang out with friends for a while and then head home. But that is just what I did this past weekend at the Cherokee Rose Cluster. I entered PJ on Saturday and Sunday of the 4 day cluster. My main man PJ just needs a few single points earn his Grand Championship so off we went.


Thursday and Friday our breed’s top winner the lovely Coco was awarded Best in Show so we knew going in it would be working for the Grand Champion points that would be awarded for Best of Opposite and Select Dog. Mr. PJ did both, on Saturday he was awarded Select Dog and on Sunday he was Best of Opposite behind lovely Coco. So he earned a couple of single points leaving him just 4 to go.


PJ is always fun to take to the shows, he is fun to hang out with, always happy to make new friends especially new friends with benefits (also know as FOOD). He takes everything in stride and makes me look good by being so cute. What more could you want from a day a the dog show.



Being a show dog is hard work, you can tell he missed his doggy nap time.  But who can blame him, he did what I ask of him and he deserved his nap time.

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