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I’m afraid of Rescue and it makes me sad

September 11, 2014

A couple of weeks ago I attended a book fair author panel featuring one of my favorites, Spencer Quinn of Chet and Bernie fame. It seems that part of his agreement to come speak was for the event to invite a local rescue organization to set up an adoption booth at the venue.   On leaving the panel discussion sure enough there was a pop up tent with a group of 10 or 12 big friendly mixed breed dogs who were clearly they’re looking for their homes of their own.   That makes me sad.

Of course as dog lover to my core my first instinct was to go over to visit my furry obsessions only to pause and then pass by only later realizing I was afraid of rescue. And that made me very sad.

As a legacy breeder of purpose bred dogs I will no longer stand in the shadows and apologize for my love of creating wonderful dogs and because of that I am more likely to avoid all things rescue.   My expectation is not one of a common goal to find loving and responsible homes for dogs but I expect vitriol and loathing and that makes me sad.

In polite company you shouldn’t speak about religion or politics and I have begun to add rescue to that list as well. Most people are well-meaning and have a great desire to help but the most vocal are like reformed smokers or religion zealots or “winged” politicians.   Whose view is “my way or the highway” and the rest of you are off to some parts very, very south and hot of here. I can’t tell from a glance which are which so I just avoid them all. There are good people out there but I am now suspicion of all of them and that makes me sad.

I wish more people would take the time to educate themselves. There are many great dogs that need homes both mixed breeds and purpose bred dogs. I wish people would work on choosing the right dog for them and if they want something that has certain characteristics, size, coat, temperament etc. then buy a dog from an ethical, responsible breeder or breed rescue and be OK with it. If you just are looking for a good companion then find an ethical rescue and get a new friend and be OK with that too.  Because it is not OK for people to be bullied for their choice in finding a dog by “the other side” when instead we should all be rejoicing that a good dog has a good home.

I really don’t want to be afraid of rescue, I want to support them but the divide between responsible, ethical breeders and rescue seems to be wider than ever before and that is what is truly sad because I don’t know how to fix it.  Sad indeed.

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