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Solstice 2014

December 21, 2014

Those of you who follow the Solstice blog are used to a Solstice blessing on the Winter Solstice and of course I have a solstice wish for you. As the light takes over the darkness and the time of renewal begins it seems like a good time for some introspective.

2014 was an interesting year. It had some low points, the implosion of a dear and valued friendship that I still mourn. For the first time I had a health issue that didn’t just go away (sciatica) and of course watching my mom deal with physical aging, low points all.

Happily for me there are more high points. I have been in north Georgia for a full revolution of the seasons and I am still loving the area. There have been so many enjoyable experiences it makes looking forward to the next one exciting. It is such a blessing to have my wonderful friends so close so that I am able to share both big and small moments in their lives. Also happily, mom is feeling some better and she is able enjoy life a bit more which is a blessing.

My job is good, I have lots of dog club activities, new friends and new adventure, life is good.

So as tomorrow dawns a little brighter, my solstice wish for all of you is that you celebrate the joy and blessings in your life and that you release what you can release and hold on to the things that bring you joy.

Bright blessings to you and yours from me and mine, may you enjoy all that the season brings.

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