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Drum roll please. …….

February 18, 2015

She did it! Miss Bailey Bug is now GCH Solstice Flying Circus, RATS, RATI.   In an earlier blog I stated that Senior level is harder than it looks. It was a big jump from Novice and Open and going into the weekend we were 1 and 3 on qualifying runs. Our favorite place to barnhunt, Family Pet Obedience School, hosted a 3 day (6 trial) event and I was excited for that many opportunities to qualify.

Our first two runs on Saturday were not smooth, the first one we timed out. The 2nd one was a mess as I was impatient and worried about time and called an incorrect tube early into the hunt. Runs 3 and 4 on Sunday both timed out without finding the 4th rat.   Bailey worked well, we just ran out of time.   Monday was President’s day and I had taken the day off to attend the last day of the trial. It seems practice does make purpose, after getting steadily better, runs 5 & 6 were great and Bailey not only earned her qualifying ribbon but was also 1st place small dogs and High Scoring Senior in both Monday trials. Very proud of Ms. Bug even if she did make me sweat by waiting until the last two runs of the weekend to qualify.

It was even more exciting that pending confirmation for Barnhunt, Bailey is the first Cardigan Welsh Corgi to earn a Senior level Barnhunt title. It isn’t often you get the opportunity to be first in your breed to achieve something.


Barnhunt swag

Our next goal? The Master class!

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