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Remembering Teddy-Henwy

April 29, 2015

Last week was very traumatic for me.  It is still so very easy to cry.  It is hard to lose our doggy kids and losing one is heartbreaking but losing two in the same week is world rocking.

Once a dog comes into my home regardless of how long they live with me they are always a part of my family.  Puppies placed with new families, older dogs retired and placed with their forever families are still part of my family.  I celebrate their joys and successes and when they leave us my heartbreaks too along with their families.

Wicca’s loss hit hard but it was compounded by news that the day before a very special boy also left us for the Rainbow Bridge.


Henry was a beautiful puppy that I purchased from Harrison’s of Winbucks Cardigans, a wonderful pedigree and he was a puppy with lots of potential.  Sadly for me he didn’t quite grow into his potential and I decided to find him a forever family to live a wonderful companion life.    Along came the Huffman family, they had already lived with Frosty’s sister Phoebe and I was thrilled that Henry would have such a fabulous home.

henry yappy hour

It was luck for Henry he lived with the Huffman’s since around 5 years ago he suffered a disk issue and they were able to get him to rehab, something that was not available to me.  Sadly it was this same issue which led to his loss.  I am forever thankful that he had such a great retirement home.  Whenever you place a dog your one hope is that the home is even better than yours.  It sure worked that way for Henry.

Henry was a very soft and sweet boy which is why I always called him Henwy and his family had a previously well loved Henry so Henry became Teddy or Teddy Henry or just TH.

He was a sweet boy and he will be missed.

Teddy Henry

Winbucks A Means to Fly

10/11/2005 – 4/21/2015



Until we meet again


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