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I said Come!

March 1, 2016

When training any dog, young or old the recall is the most important command you can teach your dog.  It can save their lives.
I don’t know about you but when we aren’t actively training for something I get very lazy with my dogs and my expectations of their behavior.  Dogs being dogs they are natural opportunist and they will take advantage of a situation.  That is what has been happening at home.  The weather has been mild and outside has been more interesting than inside which makes them deaf to the word come.  I noticed a correlation between their lack of hearing and the weather.  They can develop sudden temporary total hearing loss in direct relation to the nice weather and outdoor activity by the birds and squirrels.  I’m tired of standing on the deck waiting for them to mosey on into the house so we started working on the recall. 

Since I live with Cardigans, food is a great motivator.  Snacks are certainly worth paying attention for and appreciated and if you know anything about corgis in general you know they never live very far from the refrigerator.   Because Cardigans are so motivated by snacks you have to keep an eye on their weight and if you are training with food it can go from fit to fat pretty darn quick.   I have been rewarding the recall with treats, I yell come and when they come they randomly get a snack reward.  They never know if it is a food or a praise reward, but there are still a lot of treats handed out as the ins and outs are frequent.  It is sometimes a Catch 22 in watching their weight and handing out yummy training rewards.  Then along came Fromm Liver Recipe Low Fat Dog Treats.  The Solstice gang loves them and I don’t worry about handing them out for a fast recall to the back door.   These Fromm treats are 1 Calorie per treat, made from 100% USDA inspected ingredients in a USDA plant in Wisconsin. 


Now how did I find out about these tasty treats?  I am part of the Blogger program and once a month I get an email with list of products they would like to have reviewed.  I chose one or more products and then they ship them in their very quick Chewy way and then we try them out.  They send them at no cost to me but my opinions and comments are entirely my own, well mine and the dogs.   These treats are ones I’m adding to my autoship order.

So if you need a low calorie training treat give these a try.

If you are interested in becoming a Chewy blogger, contact Sidney Villegas at” for more information.

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