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CAT and a half

April 18, 2016

I think chasing the “bunny” really is Bailey’s favorite dog sport. She barks and whines and jumps and pulls while waiting for her turn. This weekend she got to run 3 courses and got 3 more Qs toward her next Coursing Ability title.

For the CAT title you need 3 qualifying runs and for the CAA you need 10 and for the CAT title you need 25. Bailey now has 7 Qs and hopefully she will get some runs later this year to get the last 3 for her CAA. I will keep letting her run as long as she is having fun so maybe she will earn  the X title down the road.

Special thanks to GANG (Greyhound Association of North Georgia) for holding these events for all of us non sighthound folks)  check them out at

Tally Ho till next time.


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