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Mission Cali!

October 11, 2016

So what’s new at here at Solstice?


It’s Mission Cali!   The mission began on Saturday, right behind Hurricane Matthew I braved I-75 and headed toward Middleburg, FL to meet the love puppies bred by Paula Clariday of Stornoway Kennel.  I was determine to make it down the road along with the folks returning home after evacuating from the Hurricane and I did!

Paula introduced me to the puppies and specifically the puppy called Simmer.  She had been my favorite from the start and we were thrilled to meet each other.


After a nice visit, we loaded back into the car and headed north to Georgia.  With only a little fussing we were on our way.  Thanks Paula for an easy traveler.

Of course after a long ride we had to play when we got home and Momma dog Lindy took care of puppy duty and finally about 3:00am she flopped and we were able to go to bed.


Sunday was a big day meeting all the other dogs and learning our new home.




We also had a mission for Sunday, she needed a name!  The litter was born on the hottest day of the summer so Paula had a “Hot” theme for the litter, they all had hot baby names, Simmer, Sultry, Sizzle, Ember, Fever and Smoke.  Now all the current dogs at Solstice have a flying theme to their names and we looked for one that worked, went to our social media friends but nothing really fit so we broke tradition and found a fun name that fit her sassy personaility.  After much discussion by her TEAM, we chose Stornoway Hot Tamale!

Of course you can’t call by her long formal name, she needed a call name other than Puppy, Puppy or “hey you”! so again we tried some on and Grandma Ginger suggested Cali because she is Spicy and Caliente so Cali she has become.

Mission Cali has lots of help, in addition to myself her TEAM includes Grandma Ginger and all the Solstice Gang.  She has her other local mother and competion trainer, Cody Smith who will make sure she will get her Obedience foundations and although far away from us Kathy Davis will be her biggest cheerleader and advisor.  We are all excited to watch her grow.

So without further ado we introduce Cali!

Stornoway Hot Tamale


GCH Kingsbury Red Dragon of Claymore x CH Show N tail Turning Tricks

Stay tuned for more from Mission Cali!




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