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Trying new things

November 25, 2016

I have been reviewing products for for awhile now.  Mostly we choose treats to review as the Cardigans love to eat.  When Cali arrived we started trying lots of things that she could chew on and the nice folks at Chewy welcomed Cali to our family and sent us some fun thing to try.  We did a review of the Busy Buddy Bone.  She really likes it and is a favorite distraction in her puppy pen.


She is awful cute so in addition to our review I tweeted this photo to #Chewy and got a nice response back.  Cause let’s just say it awwwww, she is cute!

The November product we chose to review were the Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones

Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones Dog Treats

They worked really well for puppy teeth, Cali spend a couple of days at the Atlanta Obedience Club at our November Obedience trial and if you have ever been to an Obedience trial you know that barking puppies are not welcome.  These Soup Bones were handy as it took her awhile to make them disappear.   They have more preservatives than I would like but not bad as softer dog chews go.  I do think the big dogs would make them disappear very quickly.  It was a good distraction to keep the peace at the obedience trial and I would use them again for the little one.

It has fun to review products for #chewy and of course we use the autoship options for our dog food and have had opportunities to experience their superior customer service but I was so very surprised (and touched) when they stepped it up a notch.

Remember the photo I tweeted of Cali with the Busy Buddy Bone to Chewy?  The one at the top of the page?  Well, last week I came home to an envelop from Chewy, what did I order? Apparently nothing, but #Chewy knew I needed something.  Here is what was in the envelop.

How special is this?  So wonderful, You gotta love Chewy!  Thank you Chewy for the great products and over the top customer service (I training customer service reps for a living) and the special relationships you have with your customers.  Well done on so many levels.



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