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Start and Finish, Finish and Start

January 9, 2017
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I am a bit late recapping 2016 but it was a good dog year, but every day with the dogs is a good one.  This was a year we tried some new things and added a new family member.

Our credits for the year:

Lindy finished her Open Barnhunt title.  She won’t go farther because at 11 I worry about the height of the bales in the more advance classes but there will be “B” Barnhunt classes in the future so she will still get to have a good time.  Even more exciting Lindy received the Registry of Merit – Versatility designation from the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America, we are so thankful for all of Lindy’s kids who helped her achieve this honor.

PJ, my main man!  I made him work a bit, you know his favorite thing is hanging around the house.  This spring we joined the Keel Mountain team at the International Canine Kennel Club shows and PJ (although evaluated as out of condition which he was) earned both his ICKC Intercontinental and International Championship.  Mostly he just ruled the house and yard.

Frosty tried some new stuff, she could have cared less about running CAT, she told me in no uncertain terms that she had no interest in chasing a trash bag.  She also tried Barnhunt and on the last day of 2016 earned her Barnhunt instinct RATI.  She also earned her Canine Good Citizen designation.



Bailey was the workhorse of 2016, like her daddy PJ, Bailey also earned her ICKC Championships.  She ran a lot this year, she finished her Coursing Ability Advanced title and is 9 passing runs from her Excellent title.  She ended the year as the 3rd fastest Cardigan in the AKC and is currently the only GCH running Fast CAT.  She has 137.5 of 150 points toward her BCAT, Fast CAT title.   We also started working on Nosework.  She loves finding stuff so we are excited to try it for real in 2017.  Barnhunting was a challenge for Bailey this year as she is in the Master’s class.  The dark and twisty tunnels have been our downfall this year but we will get there.


Sweet Banner, Ban is the stay at home girl but this summer I took her to Nosework class and she seemed to like the work she just doesn’t handle being away from home so I doubt we will go forward with competing but she has fun playing the game at home.


And then there is Cali, a highlight of our year is adding her to our family.  She has been busy learning how to be a good girl (she is a brat) but she did earn her AKC STAR Puppy certificate and is starting her training for all kind of things in 2017.


A sad note is that our Stoney took his journey to the Rainbow Bridge.  Stoney was my first Cardigan, my 1st Mexican Champion, my first Agility partner.   He spent his last few years with my dear friend Janne in El Paso instead of making the trip to Florida.  He had a great last few years as an only dog and I am forever grateful to Janne for making his last few years so comfortable.


So what are our goals for 2017?

Of course Cali will be a big part of our dog schedule in 2017, she will start her conformation journey in February and she will also start also start some other sports.  Lots of fun plans in the future.

Bailey will continue to chase the “bunny” and work on her CAT and Fast CAT titles and she has started work on the Barnhunt Crazy 8 title as well.  She is entered in her first Nosework test in February so we will see how much fun she has with that venue.

Frosty earned her 1st Novice Barnhunt leg on January 1st so we will continue to work on that and I might start her in Nosework and I still want be a better trainer and do some Advance Rally with Frost.

Personally, I am excited to be going the Westminster this February, Leslie and I are spending a week in NYC and I can’t wait.

I am planning on going to the CWCCA Nationals in Ohio in May which is always a wonderful time.

I am in my second term as the President of Atlanta Obedience Club and as always I am looking forward working with the club members to make AOC a great place to train and compete.

As always I hope to be able to help others and be a good sport.  I hope I can always remember that it is my privilege to work with my dogs and I look forward to all the fun we will have in 2017.




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