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The loss of Joy

February 25, 2017

I haven’t visited our blog page for a while.  We have had lots of good thing happening here at Solstice but everything here is painted a bit grey as we move into spring.

A month ago we lost the boss of the house, our little fuzzy face, our delightful Sienna. Sienna was just weeks shy of her 8th birthday.  She was my Mom’s little heartbeat and the delight of her days.

She exhibited some tummy issues and she didn’t feel well but still eating and drinking and pooping so we were supporting the tummy issues and then all of a sudden she was sick!   The exam and blood work was inconclusive and our Doc thought a possible pyo so surgery was quickly scheduled.  Sadly she didn’t survive the procedure.  She had an intestinal rupture and there was no obvious causes for the rupture.

Our hearts are broken, especially Mom’s she lost her joy on four feet.  For me I realized I have been so very luck that until the loss of Si, I have never lost a dog in the prime of their lives.  Newborn puppies and old dogs yes, the circle of life but never one that was tragic and so unexpected.

Sienna will always be in our hearts and memories.  There are so many memories that she can never leave us.

Always, always in our hearts, love you always, always.

Sienna, Gruffels Solstice Paint by Numbers, RATI, RATN


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