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The little club that could and Does!

March 6, 2017

The little club that could and does!

In 1950 the Atlanta Obedience Club was formed and 67 years later AOC is still providing Atlanta great training and competition opportunities. 

I joined the club in 2013 and quickly realized that this club “had it going on”!  At any given time there are around 60 members on AOC who contribute much time and energy into making AOC successful.

AOC has a wonderful club building that provides a safe and comfortable place to train and compete.  We recently had all new sports flooring put into the building to provide an even better experience.  We use our building a lot!

When I say a lot I do mean a lot!  AOC holds training classes at a minimum 3 days a week about 9 months a year.  These classes are managed by our wonderful training director and taught by our talented members.  We hold STAR puppy
and CGC classes, Beginner Obedience classes, all levels of competition classes, Beginning agility classes, conformation classes and others when needed. 

Our classes are just a small part of what AOC does.  We often refer to it as the AOC death march, its starts in September when AOC hosts a Responsible Dog Owners Day, October we hold a 3 day Agility trial, November is Obedience,
where we hold a Novice only trial on Friday night followed by 2 Full Obedience trials.  December belongs to Rally and Tracking in addition to the Holiday happenings.  AOC holds stand-alone Rally trails, holding 2 trials a day on the weekend for four Q opportunities. 
Tracking is not a big number sport but we hold TD, TDU or TDX test in December. 

As the calendar turns to a new year, AOC just keeps rolling, January has another 3 day Obedience trial followed in February by another weekend of 4 Rally trials and another tracking opportunity.   We aren’t done yet, in March
we again hold 3 days of Obedience starting with the Novice only trial and the 2 Full trials.  April brings another 3 day Agility trial and a Seminar weekend for members and non-members alike.   Some years like this one we add additional events and seminars. 
This past September we added a Rally trial to give regional competitors the opportunity to qualify for the Rally Nationals which is being held in Georgia in 2017.  We are also adding an obedience trial to the end of the “March” in April to give regional competitors
one more opportunity to at the big “Perry” weekend.  We are also holding our 2nd Matthew Twitty Seminar

Once the weather turns warm we spend the summer highlighting AOC at local “fests” and dog events spreading the word about dog training and responsible dog ownership, hosting Canine Good Citizen (CGC) events and enjoying the summer.

I bet you can tell I am mighty proud of AOC and the members who make all of this work.  It is amazing to me how many times Atlanta Obedience Club or its members are featured on the AKC website or Facebook Page.  We are well known
for our wonderful hospitality, well run events and good attitude.   We welcome both the seasoned competitor and the enthusiastic new comer to our events and classes.  Big dogs, small dogs, Purebred or All American AOC is always happy to talk DOG.  With new
events on the horizon, who knows what the future holds but I know AOC and its membership will be involved.

Just a disclaimer, these crazy AOC people elected me as their Club President not once but twice! What are they thinking!

I love my dog club!





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