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May 1st is National Purebred Dog Day

May 1, 2017

Did you know that May 1st is National Purebred Dog Day?  It is and now you know.


It seems lots of dogs have their own day, honoring Pets, Puppies, Rescues, Mutts but nothing honoring a the diversity and heritage of the purebred/purpose bred dog.   One day, Susi Szeremy, a Colorado Puli fancier realized Purebred dogs didn’t have a day so she put up a Facebook page naming May 1st as National Purebred Dog Day.  20,000 likes later National Purebred Dog Day was on a roll.


Why does it matter?  The Purebred dog is a living historical treasurer.  Purebred dogs offer diversity, predictability and the heritage of different cultures.  It also honors the work they have done for the human race.  Think about how herding dogs have helped farmers, ranchers take care of their stock.  Also those guarding breeds who keep the stock safe.  The sporting and hound breeds helped keep food on the table.  Terriers kept farms free of vermin.  Working dogs protect and serve.  Our companion dogs bringing joy to our homes.


National Purebred Dog Day honors and spotlights breeds and their heritage. Remember that it is your choice about the dog that lives in your home. Buy a purebred dog from a Preservation breeder, rescue a Purebred from a breed rescue or shelter, adopt a mix breed from a rescue, it is your choice.  There should never be any guilt associated with your dog or where you got your dog.  National Purebred Dog Day helps start and change the conversation about dog ownership.


I am very, very proud of the State of Georgia, Georgia joined Colorado and made May 1st Georgia Purebred Dog Day.  Honoring the unique role purpose bred dogs has played throughout history.



So today, enjoy your dogs and celebrate all that they are and to borrow a phrase from Susi celebrate that “museum piece with a pulse” that sleeps at your feet.



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