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Our friend Ellie

October 27, 2017

I am not a kid person, I have never had much to do with kids by choice.  I really didn’t like my little brother Randy too much when he was a kid (I like him now, he really is the best brother).  So it is sort of a surprise that I am hanging out with a kid at the dog show.  A very nice 11 year old named Ellie.
Last year Ellie and her folks Yvette and Jim became part of our dog show crew.  My BFF Leslie had placed a puppy in their home 7 years ago and last year Ellie decided she wanted to train and show her dog Dixie.  And Leslie being the type of person has made sure she has what she needed to start show in Junior Showmanship.   Ellie is one of those who has a natural affinity for showing dogs and she and Dixie quickly went from Novice to Intermediate Junior showmanship.  She picked up both a RBJIS and a BJIS and spent most of the year as the #1 Pembroke Welsh Corgi Junior.  A minor surgery kept her away from the rings so I think she ended the year as #3. Darn Tonsils!
Ellie wants to show everything!  Lucky for her our Pro handler friends of team MCLO give her lots to do, she will walk, bathe, groom, hold whatever you ask her to do in hopes of going in the ring with a dog.  She is doing so well that other members of her kennel club often look for her to take that extra dog into the ring.  She is going to be good, well she is good but she will be very good as she grows up.



Ellie loves our Caliwags so I had promised her she could show Cali at an upcoming show but it wasn’t until last week at the Atlanta Kennel Club show that the opportunity came about for she and Cali to have some fun in the breed ring.   She did a great job of showing Cali and came away the winner adding more 2 more points toward her Championship. With 5 more singles to go I am betting that Ellie and Cali will be together again.



It has been fun watching a young person discover the job of show dogs, it has been fun to watch her interact with the adults and watch her soak it all.  My hope for her is that she always finds the joy in our wonderful worlds.
Cali and I say thanks for joining our team!
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