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What’s happening in 2021?

February 20, 2021

2020 was such a weird year for all of us, it is hard to think about normal. What will normal be? Who knows, I sure don’t but what I do know is that regardless of how normal becomes normal the dogs will be as always playing a big part of life.

We are going to try and do doggy games that we can do outside or with safe protocols, Some don’t believe they need to wear masks or keep apart but I do and even after I get my 2nd Covid 19 vacination next week I still plan on keeping me and mine and you safe until all is well.

JeffJeff, the best thing about 2020 is growing up and today he started learning about Barnhunt and he and Cody start his competition puppy class next week. He will be busy as he will also be working Scentwork with me too.

Bailey and Cali will keep running in FastCat as they love to chase the “bunny” and of course our favorite venue of Scentwork. Cali will do some more Barnhunt, she needs one more leg to earn her Novice Barnhunt title.

We are hoping that Cali and our own Sammich will become parents and are excited at our planned litter later this spring.

As for me I hope to keep giving back to our community by teaching classes, evaluating and helping to run tests and trials.

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