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Our Season in the Sun

April 23, 2021

PJ – GCH/UKC CH/ICKC CH Mariel’s Flying Spirit, RN, FDC

January 17, 2007 to April 23 2021

Goodbye to you my trusted friend

We had joy, we had fun
We had seasons in the sun
But the hills that we climbed
Were just seasons out of time     

My very good boy’s spirit has flown away from me towards the Rainbow Bridge.

I wanted him in my life before he was ever born and I can’t thank Marian Mizelle for the honor of letting him be part of my life for all these years.  And to my dear friend Kathy Davis for being his co-owner (our very first partnership). 

New Champion with Kathy

I adored him from the first moment and we have enjoyed our love affair with each other all this time.

He was a winner from the first time he stepped in the Show Ring.  He was biddable boy and earned an RN when the sport was new with very little training or practice, just because I asked him to do it.

Runner Up Brindle dog at the Megan

At home he was a “frat boy dog” he liked to chase the girls, hang out on the couch and eat chips and watch sports. 

He was the “fest” dog as he loved to go to events to visit and “eat”, cruising for snacks was always a favorite activity, I often joked that PJ stood for Porky Joe.

Rocking Out

I could telling stories about my beloved boy’s 14+ years, I could brag on his accomplishments but nothing I can say would paint the picture of what a truly delightful dog he was in life. 

Earning FDC at 13

I loved him every day with all my heart and having to make the choice to help him leave this life has been so very hard and has broken my heart.

My promise to each of my dogs is that I will always do the very best for them and to let PJ go is the only thing I could do to keep that promise. 

I will remember him on his very best day and I can only hope that every day he knew that I loved him.

Yes, he was a very good boy.

Hiking with the wife and kids

Godspeed my beloved boy, I will be with you again, but until then know you are tucked safely in my heart. 

The first photo with his Solstice family

I would like to thank Dr. Alicia Darden from #petlossathome for her care and compassion so I could say goodbye to my good boy here at home. Made a hard thing a little less hard.

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