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What a smart boy

June 1, 2008
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Several years ago I quit the local obedience club in protest, there were some folks involved in the club who just made the atmosphere toxic.  I was on the BOD and I was sort of stuck since I was the past president of the club and the PP is automatically on the BOD, the only way I felt I could get off the BOD was to resign my membership.  Since then I’ve been sort of lack in my dog training.  My agility equipment is laying in the yard unused and my dogs have only gotten show training.  Since I was spending the summer at home I decided to try and get back in the swing of things.

I took PJ to a drop in Rally class for the purpose of seeing if he was under control enough to join a beginner class later in the month.  I was so surprised at how well he did.  Of course he is PJ aka Porky Joe so he was very willing to work for cookies!  We have to work on downs and stays but he did wonderful, I was very proud.  We are going to go back this week and see how he does when I’m a little more focused.



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