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Bark in the Park

June 3, 2008

We had Bark in the Park today. The local minor league baseball team
holds a couple every season were you can take your dog to the ball
game. Our kennel club had a meet the breed and responsible dog owner
booth. I took PJ, I decided to only wrangle one dog this time.

PJ had a great time! I’m so happy that PJ, Henry and Lindy have
such great temperaments that it is such a joy to take them out in
public. PJ went this time and was a hit. Lots of pets on the table
lots of pets on ground by little people, tons of dogs (some of which
were not very well behaved or socialized), a big costumed chicken and
yes lots of HOT DOGS!

I did find out that PJ is a bit of a camera hound. We had a grooming
table set up at each end of our display table. The local newspaper
reported stopped to take a photo of the Bichons that were on the
other table and as soon as the big camera came out PJ jumped off his
table ran across the display table to get in the photo with the
Bichons. There wasn’t even any food involved. I was so caught off
guard he was on the table with the Bichons before I even realized what he was doing.

What a crack up!

It was a good day and it is always nice when we can show off our well bred dogs and also give people an idea about other things to do with their dogs instead of just leaving them in the yard.


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