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Tag your it!

December 10, 2008

Cindy at Foggy Bottom tags us with the question, 6 things that make us happy:

The dogs will answer:

1.  Food, everyone loves food, treats, goodies, special dinner and Mom like Italian.

2. Barking, everyone but PJ loves barking.  PJ just barks when he has issues.

3. Rawhide bones and toys.  Windy loves rawhides and to kill all stuffy things, rest of us just like them.

4. Our RV, we get to go places and take our house with us.

5.  Going places, any place.

6. Yappy hour at Grandma’s house.

Aside from Italian food, Mom likes all that too but she also includes us (the dogs) and her people, sunshine, the open road and cheaper gasoline 🙂

Tag your it!

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