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Bailey’s Business

May 19, 2009



Hi I’m Bailey!

Let me say right from the start I like dog shows better than home!  Momma says I’m just a drama queen.  We went to a dog shows, the first time we rode in the car me, Charlie and Bonnie and we stayed at Daddy Harry’s house and got to play and run together.  Then we came home and Bonnie didn’t come.  Then Charlie went to Auntie Cody’s house and the next day we went to a dog show again and Bonnie was there!  We got to play and sleep together.  Then we came home and I was all by myself!  I don’t like to sleep by myself so I hollared and howled and cried and finally Momma came  at 3:00am and put me in the crate with my big sister Frost and I went to sleep.   I know Momma is going to put me back in the puppy pen later this morning and you know what I’m going to hollar again!

I met Wicca the tall and she was nice but this morning I jumped in her face and she growled at me and pushed me over.  I hollared and cried alot but Momma said I was a drama queen again because Wicca didn’t even get me “wet” whatever that means, I just didn’t like it.  I’m not a drama queen, I’m just a baby!

Dog shows are way better cause I get to see my sister and everybody makes a big deal about being cute, I am cute.

Hopefully I’ll get to write again, Frost always hogs the blog.


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