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Happy Thanksgiving – a Frost Report

November 27, 2009

Hey it’s me Frost! 

I had my 1st Thanksgiving (it was my second but I don’t remember the other one since I was just a bitty baby) and it was fun!

Our Uncle Randy came to visit from Austin, TX.  I like Uncle Randy!  He let me sleep his lap for a long time.  Mom took Bailey and I over to Grandma’s house and we helped cook the big dinner.  We layed in front of the stove and in the middle of the kitchen floor, Grandma kept saying we were “lots of help”.  We help be keeping everyone honest by making sure they watched where they were walking (or rolling) so Sienna didn’t get stepped on.  We also helped by getting the dishes ready to go into the dishwasher and checking the dishwasher to make sure it was full enough.

Later on Momma Lindy came over to supervise.  Right before the people ate the big dinner Auntie Cody came and brought Charlie and Bonnie and we ran wild!  The people ate the big dinner and then we helped with the dishes, that was the best, we liked the turkey roaster because we could all get our heads in it.  Mama said it was the doggie version of the kids table.  Of course I don’t know why we didn’t get to eat the big dinner, there were more dogs than people.

Today Mama says we have to stay home while they take Uncle Randy out to eat Mexican food.  Boy they eat a lot!  I like to eat, I want to go too!

Uncle Randy goes home tomorrow and I’m going to go Auntie Cody’s to have a sleep over with Charlie.  Bonnie is going with Mama to ABQ to visit her Daddy Harry for a couple of days.  Auntie Cody says Charlie needs a playmate so I’m going to keep him company.  Only I get to go because Bailey has to stay home and babysit Sienna when Grandma leaves, she has to work and I get to play!!!!   Then when Mama comes home she is bring Daddy Dog PJ home, I’m happy I love my Daddy Dog.

Anyway we had a fun Thanksgiving, we Cardis are always ready to help with the cooking and the cleaning.

Hope everyone else had as much fun as we did.

Stay cool!

Frost out




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  1. November 27, 2009 7:08 pm

    Happy Thanksgiving, Frost!

  2. November 28, 2009 5:01 pm

    Glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂 Tell Mom hi!

  3. November 29, 2009 3:39 am

    Hi Frost,

    I went to the Grand Canyon for Thanksgiving! Teddy-Henry and I had a blast, and we ate lots and lots of turkey. We were thrilled to get back to our own home, though, in Boulder!

    Love, your sis,
    Phoebe (check out the blog: cardis80301 for Canyon pictures!)

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