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Puppies galore!

November 30, 2009

You run and I'll chase or I'll run and you chase!

Just got home from a visit to Harry at Kennel Arylan.  I went to visit Harry, the puppies and the mommas to be and to take Bonnie for a visit and to pick up PJ. 

PJ was very happy to see his momma and when we got ready to come home he kissed is girls goodbye and leaped in the van.   I was glad he wanted to come home and hadn’t gotten spoiled being the BMOC at Arylan and helping Harry with all the man projects he has going on there.

The Oscar Kiefer x Chickie litter is lovely, a very happy and consistent litter.  I was their 1st visitor and they were thrilled to meet me. 

Pile O Puppies

How cute is this?

Sleeping babies

Harry’s 4 month old puppy Otto is something else, what a great puppy!  He and Bonnie had a blast playing, they were both tired at the end of the visit.

Otto and Bea

Both June Carter and Addy are showing Momma signs, June looks like she ate a watermelon and Addy has some measurable gain.  June is due around December 21st and Addy a week or so later.  Check them out at  We are excited!



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