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We are still here

March 20, 2010

A lot and nothing has been going on at Solstice.  The Lindy x PJ kids turned one and both Bailey and Bonnie came in season the next day.  Then Seinna came in season followed by Wicca and now Frost.  Poor Daddy dog PJ.

The puppy girls are growing up well, they are a crack up.  Banner is a silly girl who loves toys, is great at fetch and barking with a toy in her mouth.  Mandy is fearless and I’m always saving her from herself.

Of course the dogs are still trying to get used to our new schedule.  I have a new job (same company, new assignment) which gives me different work hours. 

Next weekend we are going to Tucson for 3 days of dog shows.  We have majors Saturday and Sunday so I have 3 girls to show on those days.  Just the two on Friday.  Plus Sienna and Cody has Charlie.  I entered Amature Owner Handler for the 1st time so I’ll see how that goes.  I’m proud to be a Breeder Owner Handler and an Amature Owner Handler so I hope the judges will look at dogs in those classes.

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