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Climb every Mountain

January 24, 2011

Mandy is becoming a Packers Fan. 

As a breeder, it is always a thrill when some one who has one of your puppies wants another one.  That is how it is going for Miss Mandy, she will soon be joining Sharrie, Jake, her brother Zippy, Cardi buddy LB and Collie buddy Scooter and a host of cats and other farm type characters at High Ridge in Wisconsin. 

She will going from this Mountain:

Franklin mountains - El Paso, Texas

To this Mountain:

Sharrie, Zippy and LB in their Mountain of Snow

Of course she is the Fluffinator but I think Sharrie has a coat for the little desert girl until she can get a winter coat grown.  She reported on Sunday that it was -20, that is right MINUS Twenty!  A number this desert girl just can’t understand. 

 I’m very happy to be sending Mandy up Nort, I really love this girl and I’m comfortable that she is going to “family” as her forever home. 

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