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7 weeks and counting

January 25, 2011

So what do puppies do at 7 weeks old?  Well the Solstice kids took their 1st car trip on Sunday.  They went to see our Docs at NE Vet for their 1st puppy shot.

Even though the girls would like you to believe they are in a hostage situation they did pretty well in the car.  Which is a good thing since they are taking a car trip at the end of the week.  We will be going to see Harry at Arylan for the puppy evaluation.   They really did a good job, I remember when I brough their Momma Lindy home, she hollered from Albuquerque, NM to Socorro, NM.  I hope they don’t holler for the 4 hour trip.

In addition to moving to their playroom they also are making trips to Grandma’s house and on Sunday I let them out of the pen one at a time for the first time.  They all thought freedom was a pretty good thing.   I only let them out one at a time so that I could keep up!  Now they want OUT all of the time.

Of course they all wanted to pay me back for taking them to the vet by trying to eat my feet.

Nog was eventually successful in removing the sock, which lead to a toe attack! 

The older they get the wilder they get so I’m sure we are in for lots of fun in the coming days.  After our trip to NM we will have a better idea on who is going and who is staying.  They girls are all very similar so it will come down to the “fine print”.  I know at least one is going to Houston to live and be a performance Cardi the other is still up in the air.

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