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February 5, 2011

There was a 3 way tie in the voting for puppy names with Fly Girl, Pinup Girl and Victory Garden.  Those were my favorites too. 

Since all the show dogs at my house have a flying theme I’m going to go with Solstice Fly Girl for the Fudgie puppy girl.  I really didn’t like Wasp as a call name so did some WASP research and found out that they trained in Texas at what is now Houston Hobby Airport and that their mascot was a female Gremlin named Fifinella. 

So as of today Miss Fudgie puppy will be Fifinella or FiFi.

The female gremlin Fifinella, conceived by Roald Dahl and drawn by Walt Disney, was used as the official WASP mascot and appeared on their shoulder patches.

The story of Fifinella began in 1942 when Roald Dahl, an ex-RAF-pilot, wrote The Gremlins, a fairy tale about the hazards of combat flying; in this incarnation, the word “fifinella” only refers to female gremlins as opposed to any specific one. Dahl took the name from the great “flying” filly, Fifinella, who won the Epsom Derby and Epsom Oaks in 1916, the year Dahl was born.

Gremlins were imaginary beings endowed with potent magical powers. According to the lore, these mischievous, elf-like creatures were responsible for all kinds of mechanical failures and other problems. They would also be there to tickle the pilots and bombardiers right at the moment they were lined up for a good run, threatening them with last-second errors of judgment. At first, these gremlins were seen as enemy agents, but it was realized that they played their pranks anywhere, anytime, on anyone — regardless of nationality. Although gremlins predated Murphy’s Law that “whatever can go wrong, will”, they were obviously motivated by the same principles.

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