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Baby it’s was cold outside…….. But it’s not now!

February 6, 2011

Last week we had record-setting cold, we broke records that were set in 1962 and before.  It was COLD!  We had snow and ice, rolling power blackouts and just plain nasty.  We are desert people/dogs and we don’t do cold.  Neither does our town.  We are currently still under water restrictions because of the freezing weather.

The trouble with bad weather and 8 week old puppy is they get bored and after spending the weekend at Arylan the weekend before and learning about OUTSIDE they were really wild but today it was a typical SW winter day, sunny and 57 degrees so before we start watching football we spent some time OUTSIDE.

We have lift off!

Betty looks like she is singing in a swing

Einie chews a big stick

Since the babies got to play in the big yard they took advantage of checking out some of our agility equipment.

Einie says "this is cool!"

Frost gives FiFi some plank walking directions

Like this? Am I doing it right?

Fifi getting a hoop point of view

Frost has been having a good time playing with the babies, she is such a sweet girl, they love their auntie Frosty.

Soon it will be time to watch the superbowl at Grandmas so they are napping.  I have to say it is weird to be at home one Superbowl weekend.  Normally I am at the Hobbs KC shows starting off the show season but I chose not to go this year because of the babies and with the crazy weather I am so glad I didn’t enter, talk about cold, it would have been freezing in the RV.  It is normally pretty cold there but this year brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Hope our “winter” is over so the poopies can enjoy more time outside.

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