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A new game plan

April 28, 2011


On June 7th I’ll have 4 Cardi girls to show in conformation.  Frost in Open, Bailey in BBE, Banner in Am Owner Handler and baby FiFi in puppy or BBE.  That is a lot of dogs to show.   Not just the $100 per show for entry fees but for the handler dance.  I’ve seen other breeder owner handlers show multiple dogs with skill and grace.  Me, I look like a chicken with my head cut off running around trying to get the dogs in the ring or get help to get them in the ring.    I get stressed, I have no fun and my dogs do not get shown they way they should. 

So it is time for a new game plan.  After much thought about my dogs and my plans for the rest of the show season I have decided I will not be showing them all, all the time.  It is nice to be able to help make majors for the area (currently we need 10 girls) but I will have to contribute my one or two instead of almost 1/2.    Trying to show so many is like throwing pasta at a wall and hoping that what ever sticks will be a winner.   When Cody was available to help it was easier but Cody has now branched out into her own venue and she needs to be able to concentrate on her dogs.   Of course Harry and I back each other up but when we are both showing and maybe winning a class we can’t do that either.

So I am currently mapping out my plans for the fall show season.  Spring is almost over for me already with the litter and the Nationals trip we are only showing at one cluster which is the High Desert Cluster in Albuquerque next month.  I have one or two girls entered each day there and based on judges and possible points available in the fall I’ll chose who is shown where in the fall.

Gee, I remember when I had one dog, a leash and a chair and it wasn’t all that long ago LOL!

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