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What kind of dog is that? Or Rally Practice at Lomaland Park

April 29, 2011

Today Cody, Charlie, Bonnie, Frost and I went to Lomaland Park to do some Rally practice.  The girls are entered in Rally Novice B in ABQ in a couple of weeks and Charlie will be doing Rally Advanced and Novice A Obedience.    Lomaland Park is also where I hold handling practice.  One reason is it is just up the street from my house and if I’m going to run the practice I get to pick the place.  Second and most important is that is a busy well used park with everything from the Ice Cream truck to soccer games and dog walkers and lots of noise and lots of people of all ages.

The kids all did well today, we took 1/2 a tennis court today since we will be inside in ABQ so we wanted to practice off the grass.  As you can see by the 1st photo lots of distractions.  Charlie was on the Novice long down when a soccer ball followed by a soccer player went right in front of him.  Didn’t break his stay, Good Boy Charlie!

Some of the young men were so impressed they asked us if we could train their friends.  I told them I didn’t think our techniques would work on young men.

We always have folks stop and ask about the Cardis and proudly the kids are good ambassadors for the breed. 



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