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It’s the economy, stupid!

June 26, 2011

From this……………..


To this…………………… (27mpgs)


We leave for our dog show trip tomorrow and it has been interesting transferring 3 dogs worth of stuff from the Big Dog Van to the Little Dog Car.  We will be gone a week so I need stuff too but of course getting the dog stuff in is the most important.  You get spoiled with lots of space.  You have the space, you fill it up.

This will be the 1st attempt to go to a show in the car but the difference between $120 for a tank of gas vs $40 for a tank of gas allows me to travel outside my normal show area this summer.  Bailey will be happy since she gets to ride co-pilot all the way to OKC it is her favorite spot.

Wish us luck, baby FiFi will be in her 1st show in the 6-9 puppy class, Banner in Am Owner Handler and Bailey in BBE.  The Arylan boys Owen and our Rider are also in their 1st shows too.

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