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July 5, 2011

We are home from the Summer Classic in Oklahoma City.  What a great show, nice site, good panel and super nice host clubs.  If you can go to this one next year give it a try. 

Bailey, Banner, baby Fifi and I  traveled to to Albuquerque, NM on Monday to start our journey.  We joined up with Harry and the Arylan team to make the road trip up I-40. 


Rider, Arylan Custom Goldwing (Lindy x Oz)


We arrived in OKC and were met by the host club members who had dolly carts and hauled all our gear into the grooming area.  The Summer Classic had a tropical theme and there were many set ups that were really decked out but we did our part.

The Solstice girls weren’t as successful in the ring as I had hoped, there was a lovely entry with lots of nice competition. Congratulations to all the weekend winners!  We had some class wins and Bailey was RWB on Friday from the BBE class.  Baby Fifi had a great time both in and out of the ring.   But just because the girls didn’t come home with points doesn’t mean we weren’t winners.  Harry’s Arylan Team had a heck of a weekend.   His 8 month old BBE dog, Owen, Arylan Silver Service (now Co-owned with Helen Keever of Houston, TX) was WD/BW both Thursday and Friday for a total of 7pts both majors and a Group 4 in the BBE group.   But that wasn’t enough fun for him or me either.  Sat and Sun baby Rider, Arylan Custom Goldwing (formerly Nog of the Poopies) was WD/BW for 7pts both majors and a Puppy group 3.  Momma was proud!


Rider and Harry working it in the Puppy Group Ring



This show had the special baby 4-6 puppy groups on Friday afternoon so Harry took the babies Poko, Arylan Papa’s in the Pokey and Angie, Arylan Papa was a Rolling Stone into the puppy group.  Our friend Helen helped out by taking in Miss Angie.  This photo made me laugh, I said the puppies were possessed by dog show fever!


Miss Isabel and Peach, Peach’s new family picked her up in OKC and she started her new life in Chicago


I am pretty sure this brave handler won the best tropical dress contest, they had my vote.


Four day shows take a lot out a dog, so the poor sad show dogs had to go back to the hotel to relax.


Of course once you get home you need a vacation from your vacation


We are home now for the rest of the summer dog show wise.  I’ll be headed to Dixon, CA for the fabulous Richmond Dog Fanciers show the 1st weekend in August, but I work and the dogs stay home.

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