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Weekend Wrap up

November 7, 2011

First I need to wish my girl Frost a very happy 3rd birthday. With the local dog show and other events going on we didn’t have a doggy birthday party on Saturday but cookies were enjoyed all round. Frosty’s gift was a 6 week beginning agility class that started last week. She loves it!

For the final weekend wrap up of the local show (and not much of one with less than 200 breed dogs entered) all went according to plan. Banner was BOB both days over Fifi puppy for a total of 2 single points. That brings her up to 13 points including 3 major wins.

Also according to plan, Cody and Charlie knocked out another RE leg, this time by placing 1st in Rally Excellent for their 2nd leg. I can’t tell you how proud I am of this team. They have such a good time together.

I have one more show weekend planned for the year. Bailey, Frost and Banner and I will be meeting up with Harry and the Arylan gang in Tucson, AZ in two weeks for a shot at majors. It is a 4 day show but with my new job etc I’m only going for the weekend. statistically I have the opportunity to finish any of the 3 girls. Banner now needs just the 2 singles, Frost needs 3 singles and Bailey needs the two 3 point majors. Of course to get any of those we have to win over the always tough Southwest competition.

After the Tucson weekend we will be hunkering down on some training in hopes of not only doing well in our agility class with Frost but working on Fifi’s CGC and RN and moving Frost into the Rally Advanced and some Obedience as well.

It’s always something!

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