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The Dog Year in review

November 23, 2011

Our dog year is over for 2011, we will hang out at home withn just some training classes for the rest of this year. 2011 was a good year for Solstice and I always like to recap on the blog, a good history and a good reminder of the fun we had in 2011.

We began the year by hanging out with the poopies! They were our holiday treats and they were the focus of the winter and early spring, raising them up right.

January started off with success for Solstice, Team CCB (Cody, Charlie and Bonnie) with Cody and Charlie completing their 1st title, their Rally Novice title.

In February we had wacky winter weather and mostly stayed home and tried to stay warm. But there were some changes at Solstice, Miss Mandy moved to Wisconsin to live with her 1/2 brother Zippy and her new people Sharrie and Jake.


And poopie Nog, moved to Arylan and became Rider, Arylan Custom Goldwing.

Arylan Custom Goldwing

Aside from attending puppy K at K9 Funworks with the 3 girl babies and working with Frost in Rally we stayed home in March and then in April we headed east on I-10 to Houston for the CWCCA Nationals with PJ, Bailey, Frost, Banner and the puppy girls. Our first order of business was to get Einie, Solstice Manhattan Project (Lindy’s Mini Me) to her new home with Tara and Tim.

We also hooked with Daddy Dog Oz and got him to his handler Sherri Hurst for the Nationals. After all the comings and goings we got down to business with Frost earning her 1st two Rally Novice legs at the CWCCA National Rally trial.

After the performance events the next thing to look forward to was the arrival of BFF Leslie and her June and the conformation events began. It was very exciting as Daddy Dog Oz was 1st awarded BOS in sweeps and then Winner Dog. When it was the girls turn Bailey was awarded 2nd place in the large BBE class and I could not have been prouder!

Solstice Flying Circus

Daddy Dog Oz went on to win Best of Winners, I was so happy for Harry and proud to be his “rep” for the nationals. Between us we brought home a bunch of loot!  We also got to spend time with our new friend Helen, a new Cardi owner from Houston who has now become part of our extended doggy family.

It was a great Nationals!

We came home with two less Cardis because the other puppy girl headed to her new home with Ann and her family in PA. She is living the good life as Mandy B.


Once we got home we only had a couple of weeks before we headed up the I-25 for our favorite shows of the year, the 4 days cluster in Albuquerque, NM. We normally have a good run it ABQ and this year was no exception. Between Solstice and Arylan we came home with a bunch of points, new Champions and performance titles.

Our Frosty finished off her Rally Novice title. Team CCB added 3 new titles, Charlie completed his CD and RA and Bonnie earned her RN. Bailey won 2 conformation points. On the Arylan side, Daddy Oz and Momma Chickie got their final majors and Harry’s pretty blue girl won her 1st major and our CWCCA club President was so taken by her that he took her home with him to PA. Plus it is always fun to hang out together at that show.

Fifi and Harry

I had intended to stay home for the rest of the summer but an opportunity came up to go to the OKC Summer dog shows over the 4th of July weekend so Bailey, Banner and FiFi and I packed up our new little car and joined up with Harry and the Arylan gang and off we went to OKC, what a great show, they really work hard to put on a nice event for everyone. The Solstice girls didn’t manage any points but the Arylan boys won them all! Our own Rider came away with 2 nice majors and Harry’s Owyn took the other two. Our new friend Helen from Houston also was a winner as Owyn went home to Houston with her and he will be her 1st show Cardi and he joined his tri brother Gryffin at Helen’s house.

After OKC we did stay home, it was a very long, hot, dry summer and aside from early morning walks and some training classes the Solstice Gang spent their summer enjoying some of their favorite pastimes, the pool and watermelon Sundays!

The dogs stayed home but I did fly out to N. CA to work on my club’s show the Richmond Dog Fanciers. As always great people and dogs and I had the fun honor of judging the Herding Puppy group this year, that was a lot of fun.

The summer ended with me getting a promotion at work and changing departments and work schedules but before that we started the Fall Show season. We spent the 1st 2 weekends of October in NM. First with in Alamogordo, NM for the Chili Bowl cluster where the Solstice girls won every day. Frost was awarded BOB from the classes twice for 4 points (one major) Bailey BOB once for 2 points and Banner BOB once for 3 points (one major). After a 2 day turn around we headed back up I-25 for the shows in Los Lunas, NM where the girls again did some nice winning. Frost was BOB one day over specials for a 4 point major and Banner was WB/BOS 2 days for a 3 and 4 point major. It was much fun!

Frost, Rockie Top's Flying Snow, RN

Banner, Arylan Flying the Colors at Solstice

In addition to our nice breed wins, Team CCB was at it again and Bonnie earned her Beginner Novice obedience title.

In addition to all that winning we were proudly recognized as an AKC Breeder of Merit.

The 1st week of November brought us to the local shows, a super small all breed entry but I entered Banner and Fi and Banner added two more singles to her title quest. And Cody and Charlie added to Rally Excellent legs and now just need one more to finish the RE.

In mid November we took an un planned trip to Tucson to once again meet up with the Arylan gang for shows. We only manged a RWB for Miss Frosty but Mr. Rider added a couple more singles and Daddy Oz got some additional points for his Grand Championship. Harry’s youngest girl Angie also earned her first two single points. It was a nice weekend even without points and the fun is why we go in the 1st place.

Now it is December and we will finish up our 1st 6 weeks of beginner Agility with Frost (and Cody and Charlie) and Fifi will test for her CGC (Canine Good Citizen)  and we will eat, drink and be merry as we end 2011 thankful for our family and friends and health and blessings.  Then start all over again in January.

So our re-cap –

Frost – 12 points both majors and her Rally Novice Title

Banner – 13 points both majors and

Bailey – 10 points

Fifi – CGC (if she passes in two weeks)

Charlie – RN, CD, RA and 2 legs of the RE

Bonnie – RN, BN

Rider (Bred by Solstice/Arylan) – 9 points both majors

Lady Mandy, Einie and Mandy B in loving companion homes

Stoney, Wicca, Lindy, PJ and silly Sienna happy and in good health.

Not bad for a small hobby kennel, 2011 has been a good Dog year to date!

Looking forward to 2012!

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