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Bye Bye Big Van

February 20, 2012



About 9 years ago I did something crazy and bought an E350 Ford Van, it was really a bus, 15 passenger.  I bought it off Ebay and put it on a Visa card.  I loved my big van, held every thing multiple Shorthairs and Cardigans and it towed my travel trailer. It went on lots of fun adventures.  This weekend I traded it in for our new Wag Wagon, a big change!

The Solstice crew will now be traveling in our 2012 Honda Fit (or the motorhome) gas milege was the big factor, I could not afford the gas on the van for every day use (a 50 mile round trip to work every day) so I drove a lot of cars but this was the Fit was the best fit!

I am sure it too will take us on many adventures.

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