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Mile High Mommas!

February 21, 2012
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I love to brag on my doggy family.  We call it being related by dog.  This weekend in the Mile High city (Denver) some of our dog family did wonderful things.  It was a wonderful Momma Dog weekend!

Banner’s momma Chickie, Eklectic Arylan Chiquita Banana  finished her Championship (for the second time).  Last year at the Albuquerque cluster Chickie was awarded her 2nd major and what Harry believed to be her final points towards her AKC Championship, there was much celebrating and Gruet drinking but after a couple of weeks of waiting nothing came from the AKC confirming her Champion status.  When records were checked lo and behold Chickie only had 14 of the required 15 points towards that championship oops a miscount somewhere.  Chickie had a “date” already lined up and she had her 2nd litter with that single point still pending.  This weekend in Denver at her 1st show back she and Harry were awarded WB for her again final Championship point, so once again pending AKC approval Chickie will join her kids Banner and Oz as a Champion!

Momma Chickie!
If one Champion wasn’t enough for a weekend I’ve been told that Frost has a Momma  brag too.  Pippin, CH Peak’s Pippin’s The One CD RN HSAdsc and her owner (and Frost’s breeder) Polly Cole completed their MACH (Master Agility Champion) and pending AKC approval she will be MACH CH Peak’s Pippin’s The One CD RN HSAdsc .

Momma Pippin!

The MACH title is one of great team work on the Agility field.  According to the AKC Rules for agility trials the following are needed to achieve the MACH title.  To obtain the MASTER AGILITY CHAMPION title (MACH), a dog must exhibit superior performance on the agility course. Speed and consistency are the two major qualities denoting “superior performance” and therefore they are the basis for the MASTER AGILITY CHAMPIONSHIP program.

In order to acquire the MASTER AGILITY CHAMPION title, a dog must achieve a minimum of 750 championship points and 20 double qualifying scores obtained from the Excellent B Standard Agility class and the Excellent B Jumpers With Weaves class.


MACH Points


750 points required minimum

• 1 point is awarded for each full second under standard course time. (No partial points are awarded.)

• Dogs earn points from the Ex B Agility class and/or the Ex B Jumpers With Weaves class. 

As you can see not an easy Championship to gain and lots of team work involved.  Frost is just starting her Agility career with her beginner classes and her Sister Lucy is on her way to following in her Momma’s paw prints.  Pippin has passed along her talent and we are proud to call her Momma!  Congrats Pip and Polly!

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